PPC Management Services


Its very important to Manage the targeting and reach when reaching out to the people out of your local region. Often the spend is misplaced and advertiser is left with missed opportunities. We, at The PPC Guy, have years of experience managing campaigns of variable budgets, we ensure that every penny that our customers spend is worth the quality of traffic that they are getting.

Your Ads are managed by the Professionals

 We are privileged to be a Google Certified Agency. How do we got there? By Getting the results and quality service for our Customers. We also have a team of account Managers that hold recognition from Bing Ads.


You own the Accounts and All the rights

Often the Agencies keep the accounts that they have worked on. But we believe that the customer is King and thus you own the account. You can keep the account even after you ever choose to leave us.


Remarketing Campaigns

Its very important to keep targeting the customer who has shown interest in your product so that they can convert eventually. Its done by targeting the users via stored cookie and via users from Google Analytics. It work extremely well and results in higher percentage of client retention at a fraction of cost.


Get Your Answers

Its not about we managing the campaigns and you calling the shots, its about interaction between our Clients and our Account Managers, so that a plan can be made with targets and then ensuing that those targets are achieved before deadline. You’ll always find us open to suggestions and advice. We’ll also ensure that we educate you on the new developments in the sector so that you can feel involved in the whole process.

Why Chose The PPC Guy?

We are a small dedicated team of individual thriving to achieve the best for clients. With Unparalleled customer service and assurance that your account are being managed by Highly Experienced, Certified and Dedicated Account Managers, we ensure that you get nothing but the best. Its not that our competitors don’t work hard, its just that we work harder than them.


$0per month
  • 1 User
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$20per month
  • 2 Users
  • Feature 2
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$80per month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Feature 2
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