While analyzing the data or even just comparing it in Analytics, it becomes kinda tedious to compare each traffic source type to another. Me being the paid marketing guy, what I need is a view that separates Paid and Non-Paid traffic.
But Analytics doesn’t provide that view, we have paid, organic, direct, mobile and some other useless and not so useful ones too.

Here is what I use, to make a permanent view type:


  • Go to the view segments list.
  • Click the red +New Segment option.
  • Under the Advanced;choose Conditions.
  • Choose the options as shown in the image below
  • Now in the filter, use the medium Regex, something likeĀ ^(cpc|ppc|cpa|cpm)$
    • You can add more options like cpv or cpp or cps.
    • And save it.


Your filter is ready to use, this sort of make the whole comparison and reconciliation thing pretty easy for the client.


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