When it comes to Google Shopping, the targeting has been quite an issue for sometime now.
I got to know some inside news from one of the Google guys.

As per them the Title is the most important part of the shopping campaigns, almost 90% of the queries get entertained on the basis of the title of the product in the Google Merchant Center. But it doesn’t end there, the important thing is the way the Title is treated.
The Title in Shopping campaigns is processed as 2 part statement of 35 characters each, a similar manner in which the description of the text ads are treated. So even if you have 70 characters in there but if they are not in a set of 35 each then the characters, they’ll be truncated to fit the 35 character limited in both the line and we might lose important words in the title.

So, to sum it all up the title should be keyword rich of not more than 70 characters, but those 70(T) characters should be in a set of 35 character each(T1 and T2) otherwise the title’s characters will be truncated which matching the search queries , thus following the equation:




T1+T2=T(70 characters)



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