Two months back Bing launched the functionality to put the Adwords syncing in autopilot mode and thus helped me remove that one task that always bugged me.

Though the tool is pretty handy but what it really does is just remove that one task from your schedule, thats pretty much it. Prior to the launch, all you had to do is just click 4 tabs and it will sync the whole Adwords account/selected campaigns to the Adwords and present you with a report of errors that you can download and rectify. It has no other significance, neither it works on the exclusion of the past errors nor it has any smart feature by which you can import selected data based on the performance in Adowrds.

Its even useless in terms of syncing too, because though its syncing the complete campaign structure, it fails in terms of features and the automated bidding rules and shared budgets (One of the features missing in Bing, not their fault entirely). And apart from that, it sends you a mail with errors that you have to rectify by going in the BingAds and generally they are the same that you have encountered last week or last month.

But what it does best is that eases the pain that you had to take while clicking those 4 tabs, what it also does for small marketers like me is that, it avoids you from committing the crime of not syncing the two tools on a regular basis.


You can find all about the tool here.

I hope that they include the performance-based filter in the tool in their next update and also focus on not just syncing the data but also the rules and other advanced features; even the scripts if they can.

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