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Why using Location name in keyword can be tricky in Adwords

Its a common practice to add location terms in the keywords while you are building a campaign especially when the targeting is local or hyperlocal. And this is what I observed with my new client, its a dental clinic chain that was targeting users within 30 mi of its locations and was aggressively using location terms…

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Adwords Auto Sync With BingAds

Two months back Bing launched the functionality to put the Adwords syncing in autopilot mode and thus helped me remove that one task that always bugged me. Though the tool is pretty handy but what it really does is just remove that one task from your schedule, thats pretty much it. Prior to the launch, all…

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How the Giants paved way and then ruined it for us.

It all started in the month of November’15, me and my partner were exploring the ever growing field of E-Commerce in India. We carved out a few ideas and starting researching on a few niches, and eventually settled on an idea of starting an E-Commerce store for Auto Car Accessories, mainly because this niche still…

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Great theme. It’s the second I have bought from you & I am very impressed.. I have bought a lot of themes but only ever given 2 5 star ratings, both for your items. Your work is the best on themeforest – cheers!!

Hi! I usally don’t comment things but I just wanna say that this is by far the best wordpress theme i ever bought (I have probably bought 20+). Keep making these awesome themes. Thanks!